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Samuyo - Web Design | e-Commerce | Online Marketing Experts

Samuyo is a global information technology and web solution provider in Toronto, Ontario Canada. We specialise in providing web design, magento e-commerce, software development, online marketing, Offshore Development, SEO and BPO services.

Founded in 2003, Samuyo is an innovator and a thought leader that broadened the realms of Internet Business Solutions, e-Commerce, Web Design and Development, Software Development, Networks and BPO services, in which Samuyo has proven superiority for its reliable Offshore and Outsourcing capability. Powered by a team of professionals and thought leaders, Samuyo boasts of a combined experience of over 35 years in ICT services. The hallmarks of Samuyo are Innovative Designs, Use of Cutting-edge Technology, Unparallel Technical Expertise, Total Customer Satisfaction and most importantly, Reliability, Efficiency, Superior ROI & The proven ability to understand customer needs.

To meet these combined goals, Samuyo depends on its unique development process, which is geared at combining creativity with cutting edge technology to ensure that our products are capable of carrying our clients through inherent business hurdles such as competition, profitability and utility.

Our Team

Samuyo team consists of 100+ employees with different roles. This team fully understands and adopts the company's mission, vision, values, policies and procedures. With a great focus on training, R&D, and process improvement, we strive to have one of the beast teams in our industry.

The professional diversity ensures us the coverage of the whole project creation and management process. It also provides all the supporting tools and services to ensure the achievement of the client’s goals

How We Work

The development process at Samuyo initializes as soon as a prospective client approaches us. The client is designated to an experienced Project Manager who will own the complete project up to the Project’s post-mortem Phase. The client will be notified at the completion of every sub process giving him/her an opportunity to shape the outcome of the project.

At the Requirement Phase, Samuyo will carry out an extensive research on the product, its’ competitors and niche areas that can be utilized. This research will be complimented by an SWOT analysis for better placement of the product among its competitors. However, Samuyo firmly believes that ‘No One Size, will Fit All’. Our extensive experience has amply demonstrated us that there can be many factors contributing to product decisions and the Samuyo Development Process is flexible enough to accommodate minute needs of a prospective client. The Process Development and Project Management Phase is one of the crucial phases in any development project. The process is developed with the dual objective of meeting project guidelines on budget and on time. Based on the identified processes, a project management module will be implemented where the client can play a vital role in monitoring and evaluation of the project as per his/her wishes.

The main goal of Development phase is to combine creativity with business objectives while using the cutting edge technology to deliver a superior product. Samuyo relies on an experienced team who comprises the crème de la crème of their respective technology verticals to deliver these multiple goals. The QA phase supersedes the Development phase. At this phase, the product is tested to meet the strict quality guidelines of Samuyo and the product is then released for delivery after the QA approval. At the Release phase, the Samuyo team works with the client to work out the maintenance protocols and the product is released for delivery.

At the project post-mortem Phase, the Samuyo team works with the client to identify client specific issues and work out processes to ensure total customer satisfaction. The objective of the ‘Samuyo Development Process’ is to let the client be in a ‘driving seat’ of his/her product development. Samuyo believes in total customizability. After all, if an expensive sports car can be totally customized, why cannot technology and marketing solutions?